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Bar-Vac© CD/T

Clostridium perfringens
Types C & D-Tetanus Toxoid

Product Information:

Information provided from Anchor product information sheet. L-A730-8/93

Bar-Vac CD/T® is recommended for the immunizations of healthy susceptible sheep, goats and cattle against sudden death syndrome associated with scours, overeating disease (enterotoxemia), and tetanus caused by toxins of Cl. perfringens Types C & D and Cl. tetani.
Bar-Vac CD/T Toxoid is an ideal combination for protection against tetanus in sheep. It especially protects feeder lambs from tetanus contamination after processing procedures such as docking and castration when they are most likely to come into contact with the bacteria.
Bar-Vac CD/T Toxoid also assures optimal protection in cattle against tetanus resulting from de-horning, castration, or wounds associated with fighting, wire punctures, and cable cuts. Anchor's improved toxoids are produced in a fermentation and ultra-filtration process which results in a purified, toxoid product. Anchor's toxoids are several times more potent and more efficient in stimulating antigenic response than bacterin-toxoids which contain unnecessary bacterial cells. In addition, Anchor toxoids also contain an alum adjuvant.
An annual booster is recommended in late pregnancy. Vaccination of pregnant dams is an important way to also protect the nursing young. The dam's colostrum transfers a rich supply of protective antibodies and antitoxins to the newborn animal, thereby protecting it until it is old enough to vaccinate.

Features & Benefits

Ideal combination for feeder lambs which includes Cl. perfringens, Types C & D, plus tetanus.Stimulates broad protection. Produces antitoxin against sudden death syndrome associated with scours and overeating disease in sheep, goats, and cattle as well as tetanus in sheep and cattle.Pure tetanus toxoid. Assures optimal protection against tetanus in sheep due to docking and castration. Also protects against tetanus resulting from dehorning, castration, or wounds caused by fighting, wire punctures, or cable cuts.The Toxoid is several times more potent and more efficient in stimulating antigenic response than bacterin-toxoid products with unnecessary bacterial cells.Product of choice for dam. Vaccination of dams is an important way to pass on a rich supply of protective antitoxin through the colostrum to nursing young until they are old enough to vaccinate.


Bar-Vac CD/T is a combination, chemically-detoxified, hightly-potent toxoid prepared from cultures of Cl. perfringens Types C & D from which the bacterial cells and spores have been removed leaving a highly-antigenic, pure toxoid product. Bar-Vac CD/T also contains toxoid from Clostridium tetani.
Bar-Vac CD/T Toxoid: Recommended for the immunization of healthy susceptible sheep, goats and cattle against enterotoxemia and tetanus caused by the toxins of Clostridium perfringens Types C & D and Clostridium tetani.

Dosage & Administration

Cattle, Sheep, & Goats. Using aseptic technique, inject subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Repeat in 21 to 28 days and once annually.
Cattle: Inject 5mL
Sheep & Goats: Inject 2mL

Health Programming:

Dairy and Beef Calves may be vaccinated at any age. Feedlot Cattle & Feedlot Lambs need to be vaccinated upon arrival. All should be given a booster dose in 21 - 28 days after vaccination.
Breeder Ewes, Beef & Dairy Cows should have a vaccination program initiated. Booster the first dose in 21 - 28 days. Give a single annual booster dose 4-6 weeks prior to calving and lambing.
Nursing Lambs should be vaccinated 3-4 weeks prior to weaning. Booster at weaning.