The operation of both the Tri-Bander and XL are the same.  Difference is the size of the animal you're working with.  Refer to our Comparisons Chart.

Both tools are used for various functions in Castration / Emasculation procedures to include docking.

Both Castrators have a Cam over feature built into the tools.  Meaning that when stretching the band to the open position, there will be a resistance.  Once the band is in the full open position, the resistance is very little and only requires a slight amount of pressure to keep the band in the open position and the handles in a closed position.  This allows the operator to hold the tool with one hand and freely use the other hand to help apply the band.  Once the band is applied in the proper position, then a slight push with one finger will allow the band to close and the handles open.

  1. Open the handles.
  2. Place band onto the 3 prongs on the front of the Castrator / Bander.
  3. Be sure to push the band down over and to the bottom of the 3 prongs of the spreader bars.
  4. With significant force, close the handles which will open the band.
  5. Hold the scrotum with one hand while slipping the scrotum through the opening of the band.
  6. Place into the proper position and release the tension of the band onto the scrotum
  7. With a twist of the wrist, and a slight angled downward motion, remove the 3 prongs from the band.  This will take a bit of practice.
  8. Inspect the band for proper positioning and or and twists in the band.  This is important as correct placement or twisting of the band can cause potential issues in the future.
  9. Please refer to our FAQ pages for additional answers to questions.