The Cattle industry is the main use for all Models of Castrators we carry.  All 3 units will accommodate all weight ranges of Livestock.  The Tri-Bander will Castrate new born Calves up to 250 lbs, (113 kg).  Generally 3-4 Months Old.  Cattle in the weight range of 250 lbs – 750 lbs, (113 kg - 340 kg), or 4 – 7 months old,  utilize the  XL Bander.  The Model T-1 Castrator, will castrate Cattle from 250 lbs – over 1000 lbs, and higher.  ( 340 kg – 453 kg plus). 


Exotic animals aren’t a huge industry, but the Castrator has been used on various types of animals including Giraffes.  Elk farms have been included in the Exotic animal category as well.  The Model T-1 has been used for “De-Horning".  Horses can be included, but a person with extensive knowledge in this process is a must.  The Budweiser corporation called inquiring utilizing this process for their Famous Clydesdale's. 


Goats are a good choice for most Models, Tri-Bander, XL Bander and the Eze Model T-1.  It really depends on the operation of the facility and the age of Castration for the Goats.  Goat scrotum can become large the older they get, so one of the most requested tools for Goats include the Eze Model T-1.


Pigs most resemble many human attributes in biology.  As we mentioned before, because Pigs are susceptible to many effects, it is recommended that any operation using any Model of Castrator be experienced in the operation.  One of the most popular uses include Ear Docking and Tail Docking for the animal. 


Sheep Castration is operation specific.  Many operations Castrate their Sheep in various forms.  Sheep scrotum are very sensitive, just as a Pigs.  So an experienced operation should consider the proper form of Castrating the Sheep.  Although, Tail Docking with Band Castrators is a very common and used method.  The Tri-Bander is the perfect tool for Docking.


The Veterinary community uses all Models of Castrators, Tri-Bander, XL Bander, and the Eze Model T-1.  Many small Cattle operations don’t realize that for the cost of any one of the Castrators, you can pay for the Bander quickly in lieu of having their Veterinary perform the operation.  Although we appreciate the Veterinary industry and the services they provide, but with money being tight these days, if we can save you Money, we help you make Money.