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Eze Model T-1 Band Castrator

The EZE Bander will castrate cattle from 250 lbs to 1,000+ lbs.

Also, will work with sheep, swine, goats and other large animals.

The opening will fit the size of a human fist.

XL Band Castrator

The XL Band Castrator will castrate cattle from 250 lbs to 700/750 lbs.
Also will work with Sheep, Goats and Swine for castration and docking.

The opening will approximately fit the size of a tennis ball.

XL Bands

Bands for the XL Bander.
Black in color.
Can't be used with the Tri Bander.

Tri Band Castrator

The Tri Band Castrator will castrate cattle from New Born up to 250 lbs.  
Work with sheep, goats, swine for castration and docking.

The opening will fit the size of a Golf Ball.

Tri Bands

Bands for the Tri Bander.
Tan in color.
Can't be used with the XL Bander.

Eze Model T-1 Bands & Clips

Bands and Clips for the EZE Model T-1.
For use with the Model T-1 Bander.

Castrator Combination Packages.

A variety of combinations to cover your whole operation.
All variations of combination packages, all Castration tools will come with 10 bands.

Tubing for the Original Model T

This tubing is designed for use with the Original Model T.
Tubing can be used for a variation of uses, not just for castration.

EZE Model T-1 (25 Bands)

25 Bands/Rings for the Model T-1 Bander.

EZE Clips - Model T-1 & Original

Clips can be used with the Model T-1 & the Original T-1 Bander.

Razor Cutting Blade - Model T-1

Cutting Blade/Razor replacement for the Model T-1 Band Castrator.

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