Danne Hudson – Buckleberry Farm
“I just wanted to write a quick note to say Thank You. The bands get here on Friday and on Saturday they were in use. The machine works great. I could not be happier. I will be ordering more bands in the spring. Thanks again.”

Steve & Naomi Lindsey
“Hey Folks, this is the best thing for Castration since the invention of the pocketknife. Or maybe the sharpening stone! Thanks for a job well done.”

Stan Garner
“Want to thank you for your quick delivery of the tubing and cutting blades. They were just what we needed. Thank you.”

Allison Bohn, 3 Smokes Ranch
“We received the new Castrator today. My, your service is prompt! My husband is already rubbing his hands gleefully, wanting to use it tonight. But, since it is 9:30 at night and -10° F, I think he’ll wait until morning. Thanks Again.”

David M. Edwards
“I purchased your tool and used it on several Bull Calves ranging in weight from 400-700 lbs. I like the banding method over the cutting. It takes less time, and is safer to me. I think the Calves are getting bunk broke quicker. I am not seeing weight loss like I have when cutting and weaning at the same time."

R. Wilson, Patronfarms
“We own one of your Eze Castrators and it works great!”

Richard J Sabata
“I have used your Bloodless Castrator for two seasons now and would not do it any other way. It is very easy on bigger Cattle. (700 lbs-800 lbs) was done the first season I tried it. One person with this method can work a lot of Cattle.”

Jimmy Watts
“Wanted to let you know I got the Castrator Thursday. I used it over the weekend and it works great, just what I was looking for. Thanks for the prompt delivery.”

John H Malmstrom Jr.
“Hi Reid, did the 400lb calves.  Worked Great!  Hands didn’t get tired.”

Jon Laughner
Good morning Reid, 
"I wanted to send along a belated thank you for the phone message you left me. The problem was exactly as you described so well in your message, and taking the corrective action as you described solved the problem. Works perfectly again!"
Thank you so much for your call and assistance.

Best wishes.

C.R. Blair
"I have used the T-1 banding system for 20 plus years, used on calves and yearling bulls. No blood loss, and the calves go right back to feed. I would never consider going back to surgical castration."
C.R. Blair
Blair Land/ Cattle Company
Whitesboro, Tx. 

Gary Godley
"I have used this bander and these bands for about five years now, and they have made a big difference in the ease of banding older bull calves.  I raise registered bulls as a main source of income and therefore it is not possible to have a spring branding where I castrate the calves.  Every calf is processed in the fall, when I can see which ones to keep as bulls.  I cull very deep, and so about 75% of the bull calves are banded, usually in November.  The T-1 bander has made this much easier and quicker, and after the first day there doesn't seem to be much stress on the calf.  I have banded bull calves up to 11 months old with success.  One hint- when loading the applicator, the tension in the bands is pretty strong.  I use a small opened wrench (about 3/8") to hook inside the band and pull over to the other leg of the applicator.  Otherwise, your fingers will wear out quickly trying to load the bands. The service from Outwest MFG is very good and I recommend this product."

Jean Aquino
"I just wanted to send a testimonial about your products.  They are absolutely wonderful!  I especially like the fact that it locks into place and you don't have to hold the handle down to keep the band extended while dealing with a squirming and upset buckling.  I am a fiber goat farmer and we usually do not castrate until about six months, waiting to see how the kid fiber is developing or wanting to not have urinary calculi problems if we wether a kid too early.  Of course, goats "develop" early -and large- so using the small, traditional bander doesn't work. This has allowed me and my friends to let buckling's go six or seven months and still be able to band without problems.  I have never had any problems with your products and recommend them to all my goat raising friends.  Thanks again!" 

Alfred Newman
"We have been using the Tri-Bander for 2 seasons and found it to be a lot easier and less stressful on calves. We also gave them the Covixin 8 at the same time. Thanks for a great product."